Green landscaping and erosion control has been revolutionized and simplified with the introduction of
the Envirolok Vegetated Retaining Wall System from Agrecol.

This revolutionary and reliable system provides a natural solution for erosion control, streambank and
shoreline stabilization, stormwater management, and the creation of rain gardens and other
functional green spaces
Construct a green retaining wall to control soil erosion and stabilize slopes with
the environmentally friendly, carbon neutral and easy to assemble and Construct
ENVIROLOK Vegetated Retaining Wall System. The natural solution and remedy
for everyday damage caused by natural forces like rain, water and wear and tear.
Envirolok vegetated walls are built by weaving
rows of soil-filled specially designed and
manufactured geotextile bags together into a
cohesive barrier and locking them in place with  
hidden plastic spikes. Then, the face and side of
the stacked bags is planted with native plants, sod
and seed.

Within weeks, plants grow through the bags and
develop extensive root systems that lock into the
native soil and form an ecologically sound
vegetated erosion control system with permanent
structural strength.
Choose from four special plant seed mixes designed for use with the Envirolok system. Each mix includes a wide variety of
grasses, sedges and wildflowers to suit your wall’s environment, depending on its proximity to sunlight and water.
An Envirolok vegetated wall:
  • Grows deep-rooted perennial vegetation that locks, renews and improves the structure
    year after year

  • Does not interfere with hydrological processes

  • Provides habitat that’s safe for amphibious and aquatic species

  • Retains oxygen and moisture

  • Absorbs sound

  • Moves with freeze/thaw cycles
Day 1. Envirolok retaining walls comprise rows of soil-filled geotextile bags, which can be hydroseeded or planted
with native plant plugs.
Day 15. Native plant roots grow into and through the soil-filled bags
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How to calculate/ estimate the required  number
of bags for an area:
  Part 1,   Part 2
Day 100. The deep roots of native plants stabilize soil and fight erosion naturally

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Wall Construction Sequence
Estimation Charts   
Reinforced Shoreline Section-C
Reinforced Wall Section-C
Unreinforced 3.5' Wall Section-C
Unreinforced Shoreline Section-C
Unreinforced Wall Section-C